Sighisoara, Romania

From Cluj we took another couple of hours of train ride to get to Sighisoara; by the way this train might still be in use:

That night we failed at camping for several reasons:
First the train was about an hour late so it was getting dark already and in addition we nearly missed the stop but managed to still jump of the moving train because in Romania train doors also open at “full speed”!
Second, the area around Sighisoara is a wasteland and full of rubbish and when we finally found an acceptable camping spot we got “attacked” and chased away by three dogs (Romania is the land of dogs!)
By that time it had gotten too dark an we went to find a hostel.

Overall Sighisoara has a nice medival town center, which can easily be visited within 2 houres.

Typical Romanian snack (basically a cylindrical piece of sweet bread with caramelised sugar):



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