Anamur, Turkey

After spending an other half a day at the beach we started hitchhicking the 140km to Anamur. At first we got a ride from a truck driver with a nice Mercedes truck which quickly brought us to the next village (Silifke). After three more or less short car rides, we got into a different truck again (this time an oldish model). For hours and hours we were crawling along small, winding and steep roads on the turkish coast untill the driver parked the truck and left with a short turkish explanation (which we couldn’t understand). After quite a while (it had gotten dark by then) a new driver appeared and we continued our very slow journey. About an hour and maybe 20km further, he again parked the truck. Even with extensive turkish explanation we couldn’t fully figure out what was happening. He later got us into a “taxi” and put us on a bus that brought us to Anamur (all for free!).
So from our experience turkish people here are extremly helpful!
All in all 6 hours for 140km doesn’t sound too bad 😉

The next day we visited the castle and the old town of Anamur (ruins outside of the city which reach from the beach up onto a hill).


Then we hitchhicked to Alanya, this time without problems and faster than the bus was supposed to be!


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