Philadelphia II

The next day after the wedding we went to Philly again to visit the city and the Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP). Because of the afterparty the night before we all felt a bit like this guy here:

The ESP has a castle-like appearance from the outside (this here is a picture from the first time in Philly when the ESP was already closed).

On the inside ESP was the first prison which was constructed to lock inmates into total isolation from each other (a very new concept at the time) and it had running water & central heating before the White House. Over time the number of inmates rose and this concept was abondonned. Overall this prison was used for 142 year and then completely abandonned for 25 years and therefore is now in very bad shape…


The finest and most comfortable cell must have been the one of Al Capone!


Now (the day after Philly) we are there, sitting in the Starbucks and ready to catch our 12h busride to Montreal!!!


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