Viaje a Cajón del Maipo II

So the second day we aimed for higher goals and hitchhiked comfortably on the back of a pickup truck further into the Cajón del Maipo until we got the Baños Morales but we didn’t go for a swim there, we entered the National Park Monumento Natural El Morado in order to hike up a a lagoon.Cajon del Maipo-53

The lagoon after walking 2h into the National Park Monumento Natural El Morado:

Cajon del Maipo-59

But two of us didn’t give up there and we went on further to hike all the way up to the glacier (which turned out to only be less than one hour more):

Cajon del Maipo-65

On the way back to our cabañas we got a ride from a Austrian salesman who was on a business trip in Chile and then of course we had an other big BBQ, this time with all the 17 international students who came to the San Alfonso with us:

Cajon del Maipo-75


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