Roadtrip direction South I

For this trip to the region of Talca we rented a car for a couple of day and from Valparaiso on started driving south along the coastline on friday morning. We visited a couple of villages on the way but the first big stop was in Pichilemu (the surf capital of Chile or even of the world, as the people there like to think). But it was a shame that we did not have a enough time surf there that day. So I am gonna have to return some day!IMG_0414

At some point along the road we drove in a big circle and didn’t realize it until completed the circle because it was very cloudy so we could see the sun to navigate and the landscape is all very similar.

Further along the way, after another couple of hours of driving on small chilean country roads, we passed by a salt field where salt water is dried in order to produce salt.

IMG_0461A typical “supermarket” in chilean village:
IMG_0496Shortly before sunset we left the “main road” and went on a gravel road for a long time but were rewarded with this view in a very nice part of Chile:

IMG_0467That night we went to sleep in a hostel in Talca and prepared for the big hike the next day in the Reserva Nacional Altos de Lircay.


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