Roadtrip direction South II

On saturday morning we left Talca (there is really nothing to do in this city) and went to the Reserva Nacional Altos de Lircay to go hiking there. This national park isn’t far from Talca but a big part of it is on gravel road and our KIA Morning wasn’t the fastest on the kind of terrain. Nevertheless we got there and started walking but after a couple of minutes two pick up trucks passed by and we hitchhiked with them for the first kilometers. Then we had to walk because the “road” ended and the hiking trail started. For lunchtime we arrived on Enladrillado plateau (allegedly a landing place for UFOs):Roadtrip Talca-52

I have to admit I was a bit jealous on these guys who brought an amazing BBQ up with their horses:
Roadtrip Talca-59For the afternoon we kept walking high up in the mountains to get to the beautiful lagoon:

Roadtrip Talca-68

The way back down took longer than we though, so half way down the sun was already setting and for the final kilometers we had walk with our cellphone light to be able to see at least a little bit of the trail. Roadtrip Talca-71


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