Roadtrip direction South III

On the third and last day of our little road trip we packed our stuff in the hostel, enjoyed the “breakfast” and drove to the Parque Nacional Radal Siete Tazas, which is close to Talca as well. Again we had to spent which felt like ages on gravel roads and at one point all but the driver had to get out so the car would be able to get up an off-road hill. But we made it:

Roadtrip Talca-73 Roadtrip Talca-75

These are the famous seven cups (= site tasas) that the park is named after. Well we can not see all seven from this angle but there are seven of them! Unluckily at this time of the year there not a lot of water, so the site tasas are quite low on water and there are even some falls which don’t have any water at all.

Roadtrip Talca-81Then it was time to make our way back to Valpo and on the way we visited vinery Miguel Torres and the village of Santa Cruz where not really a lot was happening:Roadtrip Talca-88

After endless hours on country roads (which apparently was the fastest way to get back to Valpo because there is too much traffic on the highways around Santiago on a sunday afternoon) we finally got back home at 2 in the morning.


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