Torres del Paine 0 – 24 km

On saturday the 6th of april we left to Santiago at 8pm to take our flight to Punta Arenas at 2:30am. Therefore we arrived in Patagonia in the early morning when it was still dark and directly took a bus to the city of Punta Arenas from where we then took a another to Puerto Natales (the “base camp” of the National Park Torres del Paine):

Torres del Paine-04

We had to stay one day in Puerto Natales because there are only early morning buses at this time of the year and we arrived too late to take on of those. But it turned out that this was a good thing because that way we had enough time to rent the equipment we needed and to stock up on food supplies for the coming five days.

At 7:30am on monday we left our hostel and took the two hour bus ride to the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (thanks to our chilean IDs we only had to pay 5000 pesos instead of the 18000 that tourists have to pay). We set up our first camping spot in the camping Torres and prepared for the first hike:

Torres del Paine-12 There were some magnificent views on the way up to the Torres but it was always mostly cloudy…Torres del Paine-19… until just before we started the last 40 mins to the top, when the sun finally came out!
Torres del Paine-24LAS TORRES DEL PAINE! The view up there onto the Torres was just incredible, the picture doesn’t even do it justice but nevertheless here it is:
Torres del Paine-27One really great thing about this national park is that the water there is one of the purest on the entire planet. Therefore you never have to carry around a lot of it but instead can just drink/fill up your bottles from little streams like this one
Torres del Paine-33

After the first 24 km and nearly 6 hours of walking we got to our camping spot.


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