Torres del Paine 40,5 – 63,5 km

Day 3: We left camp Italiano with just our daypacks to go up through the Valley Frances to the Mirador Britanico. On the way up we had an amazing view over the valley and lakes of Torres del Paine every now and then.

Torres del Paine-70Half way up we reached a mountain range with a view of some smaller glaciers. Just when I got there a massive piece of that glacier on the left side broke of and came down with a loud thunder (but somehow it looked like it was in slow motion). 
Torres del Paine-64
When we got to the viewing point the weather had changed to snow, fog and clouds so that we really couldn’t see much up there. Therefore we started our decent to camp Italiano relatively quickly. One there it was time to break up camp and pack up everything because the next two nights we were gonna spent in camping Paine Grande, another 8 km from camping Italiano. Therefore we had to first cross another typical bridge with a maximum capacity of two people:
Torres del Paine-73In the afternoon the weather cleared up again and whenever we looked back during the walk, we always had this incredible view. Note that all the trees are burnt in the foreground, this is due to a wildfire which happened in 2010/2011 for 10 days and destroyed about 16.000 hectares of the national park.
Torres del Paine-79Caping Paine Grande is definitely the most luxurious of all in the park, it offers great shower, a big cooking shelter and even free gas to cook your meals. But the most impressing of all was night sky that night:
Torres del Paine-85


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