Torres del Paine 63,5 – 85,5 km

Day 4 was an easy day again, it was relatively far to walk from the camping Paine Grande to the glacier Grey but without all our luggage (it was just a day trip and we were going to sleep in Paine Grande again) there was nothing that could slow us down. Therefore after 1,5 hours we reached the highest point of the hike, the viewpoint of the glacier Grey:
Torres del Paine-100 But we didn’t want to stop there, we wanted to go all the way and get as close to the glacier as possible. On the further way we also came by some wildlife and even got quite close. Not sure what this bird is exactly. Does anybody know?

Torres del Paine-92

After walking for another 1,5 hours from the viewpoint on we reached the for us REAL viewpoint of the glacier Grey:

Torres del Paine-98

And we came prepared; all those days we carried around a little bottle of Whiskey (which turned out to be very bad, but really we didn’t expect much from this small plastic bottle anyways) in order to drink it at the furthest point of our hike with possibly the purest ice on the planet, the ice directly from glacier Grey.

Torres del Paine-95


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