Torres del Paine 85,5 – 103 km

The last day we had two options, we could have taken the boat on lake Pehoé to the bus stop on the other side but instead we decided to walk along the lake and then to the administration of the Torres del Paine (the girls took the boat instead). This meant walking 17,5 km in the morning and arriving at the bus stop at 1pm because if we missed the bus we would also miss our plane that night. So therefore we woke up at 6:45am and left the camp at 7:30am when it was still completely dark! We made our first stop more or less on the other side of the lake when the daylight came out:Torres del Paine-102
Torres del Paine-104The end of our walk back to the administration was near and we got a last look back onto the TORRES DEL PAINE! All in all the walk back took us about 4,5 hours and we got to the bus early which gave us enough time to heat up a tea and get changed.
Torres del Paine-107To sum it all up here is map of the famous W of the Torres del Paine and I color coded  all our hikes we did the different days:
Map & Stats


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