Chiloé I

So this week we had the 1st of may and therefore no classes on wednesday, so we skipped one class on tuesday and this gave us six days to travel south. On monday night we took a bus to Santiago and from there to Puerto Montt. From there we hopped on another bus which crossed over by ferry and brought us to Ancud (on Chiloé). All this travel from Valpo to Ancud took us about 18 houres over night. And Chiloé greeted us with its appropriate rainy weather:

There was not that much to see in Ancud, the promised square with a bunch of table soccer tables (Lonely Planet) was nowhere to be found. But at least we got to buy some good cheese (something rare or very expenisve in Chile) and then took the next bus to Quemchi (a small village in the east of Chiloé).


Appart from the traditional wooden church and the graveyard, which at the same time served as the official viewing point of the village, there was the apparently best restaurant of Chiloé (the food was good and the owners really nice, but I am not sure if it really is the best).

After eating we went to Castro (the capital of Chiloé) in order to find a place to stay at night.

When we got to the Palafitos (traditional wooden stilt houses of Chiloé) around 6 pm it was already getting dark. We went for a tour around the city and then stayed in a hostel in one of the Palafitos.




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