Chiloé II

The next days was really increadible for Chiloé-standards, there was no rain at all that days and very few clouds. That is what the Palafitos actually look like during the day (our hostel was in the house with the yellow and red side):IMG_1513We took the micro in the morning to visit the very small village Tenaún and its beautiful blue Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio. Tenaún is basically far away from everything else and quite isolated but it was a very nice place and worth the short visit (we only stayed half an hour because after that the micro returned and there wasn’t gonna be another one until 6 or so hours later).
IMG_1550This is the view down the valley, at the end of which Tenaún is located:
On the way back from Tenaún we got off the bus at Dalcahue and took a short (free) ferry ride over to Isla Quinchao.  On the ferry we also met someone who gave us a ride to the capital of the island, to Achao. There we found a small town with yet another wooden church and a slightly polluted beach and this open air church just outside of town:

After we got sick of exploring around Achao we took a bus to Curaco de Velez where the most interesting thing at the time was the free wifi at town square. Well, its a nice village but the great restaurants promised by the Lonely Planet were closed and the watermill weren’t existing anymore. There we also met two other friends which came down from Valpo one day later.

IMG_1610That night had to go eat Chiloé’s most famous traditional dish the Curanto (mainly a mix of different types of meat and seafood) and a local drink called Chicha (similar to apple cider).IMG_1640


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