Chiloé III – Parque Nacional Chiloé


On our last day in Chiloé went to Cucao at the southern end of the Parque Nacional de Chiloé. It a nice little village closed to the coast with a couple of hostels and little shops. We didn’t stay long but headed straight for the National Park only a couple of walking minutes away.
IMG_1650However the hiking possibilities in this part of the park are limited to short track of 45 minutes so we decided to head further along the road, all the way to its end. At this point the beach became the road and the only possibility to reach the next village. Therefore cars were every now and then passing by us while we walked along the endless beach.IMG_1726 IMG_1730We spent all afternoon walking along the beach. The good Chiloé weather didn’t disappoint us and brought us rain every now and then but luckily also big parts of the day were more or less sunny.IMG_1719IMG_1768Although parts of Chiloé feel like you have reached the “fin de mundo” we found this “german” Tante Emma Laden which is prove for the big german influence in this part of Chile.IMG_1777

The last micro took us back to the capital Castro and from there we took a bus to Puerto Montt to spent the night there in order to leave early on the next to Pucón.


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