Pucón – Termas Los Pozones & Parque Nacional Huerquehue


In Pucón it was just raining and there were clouds down to the ground, so zero visibility more or less. But luckily there are some nice thermal baths around so we rented a car and decided to go to the Termas Los Pozones for the evening:

The next day wasn’t much better but at least it wasn’t raining as much anymore. We still had the car for nearly the full day and first drove to the Ojos de Cahurgua with little expectations. But when we got there we were quite impressed by the beauty of this little, hidden place and its four waterfalls merging into a nice, clear and perfectly blue lake:


From there we drove again a little while up the mountains until we reached the Parque Nacional Huerquehue. This in contrast to the first park invoked some hiking, which we did and after more or less 2-3 hours we arrived at a hand full of beautiful hidden away lakes.

The whole area was covered in a dense forest, at time it could even have been a jungle, full of Chile’s signature tree, the Araucaria Tree as seen here:


On the way back I bought some very nice REAL honey (which in the rest of Chile is either very expensive and/or hard to get) and we finally even got a glance of the Volcano of Villarrica:IMG_1977

After the sunset and a dinner at a local burger place it was time to take yet another night bus back to Valpo.


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