Curacautín – Parque Nacional Conguillio & Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello

I got to Curacautín at 8 o’clock in the morning and for the first time realized that winter might be be coming (after spending the last two days in t-shirt and shorts in Pichilemu), everything was frozen over and it was extremely cold. But as diverse as its countryside is, is also its weather; so at noon we already had sunshine again and it was too warm for a jacket. Curacautín-35Curacautín-24

We spent the day hiking in the Parque Nacional Conguillio, famous  for the Volcano Llaima…Curacautín-39and its many Araucaria Trees:Curacautín-40The before mentioned diverse weather showed all it has got the next day.
Curacautín-47So for the visit to the Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello there was zero possibility to get a nice view and just rain all day long. Nevertheless I hiked up to the third “viewing point” where the strong wind and rain was making life hard and photography even harder.Curacautín-62After I got back down to the main road I was waiting for the bus to get back to Curacautín and then make my way to Valdivia that same night. But instead of the bus, after like 40 minutes of waiting or so, a random guy in truck stopped and offered to take me and an other man waiting to Curacautín, muchas gracías weon!


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