Validivia I

After Curacautín the others had to go back to Santiago and I took a short trip over to Valdivia, the city of brewery and german roots. I spent to first morning walking around the city and visiting the center and some nice houses there.Valdivia-04  The famous Valdivian fish and vegetables market that makes your eyes hurt because of the colors of its roof which shad a weird light on everything:Valdivia-08 I also visited the Museo Histórico y Antropológico, where you can see how Germans would have lived there in Valdivia back in the day. Here a nice array of storage pots, the first one says “Potato flour”:Valdivia-15 The view over the center of Validivia, seen from the Isla Teja (under the colorful roof again is the fish and vegetable market):Valdivia-19 In the afternoon I went to visit some small breweries around Valdivia. The one on the picture below is actually the one I liked best and also the only one where I bought some beer, its called “Cervecería Calle Calle” and is located to the south of Validivia, I got to try some of their beer and after a little negotiation they even gave me a very nice cranberry juice to go for free 🙂 I also went to three other which are all on the street between Validivia and Niebla:

  • Cervecería El Duende: The guy there was quite unfriendly, didn’t want to let me try any beers neither explain or show me anything. He said all I can do is buy some bottles of beer nothing else, so I left.
  • Cervecería Salzburg: Very friendly people there, showed me around and explained me a bit about their beer and also let me try they ones they had at that moment.
  • Cervecería Kunstmann: A very profit-oriented brewery (apparently owned by Coca-Cola), tours and food is quite expensive there, so nothing much to do for a traveler on a budget.


At nighttime I walked around a bit in the city centre to take some pictures, here a photo of the Museo Histórico y Antropológico from the city center side of the river:


The central square of Validivia in the fog:

Valdivia-54P.S.: In case you wondered, the featured image (small image next to the preview of each post on the blog) are seals in the river mouth in the center of Valdivia



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