Valdivia II

The second day in Valdivia I left the town in the morning to go to Niebla and to visit some old defense fortifications around that area which protected the entrance to the river mouth of Valdiva from the open Ocean. The fortification of Niebla was actually closed for repairs at the moment so had a little look around the village but there wasn’t an awful lot to see so I took a boat over to Coral, which passed by the Isla Mancera as seen below:Valdivia-63 The fortification of Coral was the biggest and best preserved of the four fortification in existence in this area:Valdivia-67

Valdivia-71 This is once sight quite typical for Chile, little “training parks” where the government put some exercising machines to get people to live more healthy and keep their body in good shape. But I have never seen them be used purposefully, most of the time they aren’t used at all or some people just sit on them and chat.Valdivia-77

After a bit of a walk around the little villages of Coral and its neighboring  village I took a micro back to Valdivia and got into this cycling demonstration again genetically modified foods. They were quite a lot of cyclists meeting up at the main square and then they took off around town.Valdivia-84 Also something that Valdivia it famous for, its german foods. Here a German bakery which had some very nice Kuchen (cake, but in Chile the German word for it is used).Valdivia-87

And here in contrast a traditional Chilean “Restaurant” called “La Bomba” (to be fair not all Chilean restaurants look like this, there are some very nice ones too):


After a little snack there I had to get back on another 12h bus ride, but at least directly to Valparaíso without change in Santiago. Goodbye German part of Chile!


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