La Campana

Last weekend I finally got around to go to Parque Nacional La Campana, here close to Valparaíso. I always postponed this because it just seemed an too obvious thing to do and other travels were more exciting. But as it turns out we picked the perfect day to go there.

Half way up the mountain there an abandoned mine which you can visit if you brought a lamp…and we did!La Campana-06 The next “sight” is the metal plaque commemorating the visit by Charles Darwin on one of his excursions. Which bears a quote of Charles Darwin, something along the lines of:

“We passed the day on the mountain top, and for me the time never seemed shorter; Chile lies to our feet like an immense panorama which is  limited by the Andes and the Pacific ocean.”La Campana-11

The you can see the 360° few of this amazing panorama (you might want to click on it to see it in more detail):La Campana-15 The brave bickers, which made it to the summit in only 3 hours instead of the 4,5 hours, which are “recommended”.La Campana-20 There was also some wildlife around, mainly birds as well as this little fox here.

La Campana-23After descending back down from the summit we hitchhicked to the next Village, Olmué to get some Empanadas. From there we had to take the bus back to Limache and from there Metro home to Valpo.


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