Punta de Lobos – Big Wave Paddle-in Competition

Tuesday, last week we rented a car once again, this time in order to go to Punta de Lobos (a little bit south of Pichilemu) for the day to see the Big Wave Paddle-in Surf Competition (Quicksilver Ceremonial) there. We left at 6.30 in the morning and arrived there 3 hours later and it was already quite full of people and everybody was ready to go but the waves.
Punta de Lobos, Ollas grandes-04 At 11am the decision was made to wait a bit longer for bigger waves. Later we went back to Pichilemu to get some food and drinks and when we came back to Punta de Lobos around 2pm, the contest was officially cancelled for a lack of size in the waves. However as a kind of show event four-heat Expression Session was held. This then of course wasn’t part of the official Big Wave World Tour however awards were give for Biggest Wave, most-Critical Drop and the Best Wave of the Day. So here are some impressions of what was going on that day:Punta de Lobos, Ollas grandes-13 Punta de Lobos, Ollas grandes-14

Punta de Lobos, Ollas grandes-15 Although we didn’t get to see that kind of big wave action we hoped to see it was still a very nice day and a cool event to watch, better luck next time! Punta de Lobos, Ollas grandes-43


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