Esquiar – Valle Nevado

So since tuesday last week the studentes of the universities here in Valparaíso are “en paro” (on strike). The campus of my university in Santiago is even “en toma” (the building has been takes over by the studentes and doors have been blocked). So the right thing to do in this situation is use the time and enjoy some great weather in the Andes:Esquiar Valle Nevada-02Some friends of mine had a car here so we went to the ski field Valle Nevado near Santiago for one day. We left at 6.30 in the morning and the plan was to get there and start skiing at around 10am but we had to pick up some people and some gear and also there was a little traffic jam in Santiago. Well and after all this is Chile so times aren’t really that fixed, so we arrived in Valle Nevado and started skiing at around 12.30…..2013-06-13 16.26.36Oh and somewhere under the smog in the pictures above is Santiago. When we first arrived we could still see some of the cities skyscrapers but the smog got worse during the afternoon.Esquiar Valle Nevada-12SONY DSCEsquiar Valle Nevada-29All in all it was a great day and the skiing was good fun here, although there was just enough snow on the slopes and therefore after a while we skied “everything” there as you couldn’t go off-piste anywhere . The way back then was a lot faster and only took us around 3,5 hours.


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