Un finde en Santiago con Gab I

So last friday at 6 in the morning I finally went to Santiago to meet Gab at the airport and spent a weekend together in Santiago after not seeing each other for 5 months. From the airport we went to our hostal at Plaza de Armas but our room wasn’t ready for us yet. So we took the first chance we got and jumped on the free walking tour of Santiago at 10am which started at Plaza de Armas with the Cathedral of Santiago and then went on to “La Moneda“, the presidential palace of Chile:IMG_4638We also passed by the Opera House, the Santiago Stock Exchange and then the german fountain:


And then after the Cerro Bellavista the tour ended at “La Chascona”, the house of famous chilean poet Pablo Neruda:


In the late afternoon we went back to our hostel but not without passing by one Santiago’s famous “Café con Piernas” (the chilean try to distract customers from the bad coffee they have here and therefore there only work women dressed in bikinis which heavily flirt with the mainly male customers). Back at our hostel we had a great view over Plaza de Armas during the sunset.


For the night we sat at our window and watched protesters, dancers and musicians at Plaza de Armas and later went out in Cerro Bellavista.



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