Un finde en Santiago con Gab III

The third and last day of Santiago was reserved for the hills and the markets of this city. First up was the Cerro Santa Lucia and its two little castles. From the top you already had a nice view of Santiago but we felt we could do better, so we moved on to Cerro San Cristóbal.IMG_4823 Once we arrived at Cerro San Cristóbal we took the little cablecar to the top of the hill in order to save some time and because we were lazy. IMG_4840The view over Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal, as you can see Santiago polluted with smog (although I think this was still a quite good day to get a decent view). On top of Cerro San Cristóbal we also visited the Statue of the Virgin Mary and the open air amphitheater/church that belonged to it.IMG_4850 IMG_4864In the afternoon we visited both the Mercado Vega (the big vegetable market of Santiago) and the Mercado Central (the central fish market of Santiago), where we also had lunch in a very small restaurant inside of the market (we had some Paila Marina and Ceviche which both tasted very good). IMG_4882 The last stop of the day and also of our stay in Santiago was the Centro Cultural Estacion Mapoche where we happened to enter into a different world, the world of anime and comic characters….IMG_4911Then it was finally time to show Gab the beautiful city of Valparaíso!


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