Exploring Valparaíso with Gab

So the last week we spent exploring Valparaíso, it’s surroundings and I also had to study for my last exam here at the UTFSM.

The famous mircro 612 aka. “O” that always brought me to Uni and back into my cerro: IMG_4942 There were also some student protests again in the streets of Valpo, the strikes are still ongoing here and most Uni don’t have classes at the moment.IMG_4951 IMG_4958 We went to visit the Cerro Polanco with it’s signature ascensor. Which is one of a kind here in Valpo because it doesn’t have a little cables car that goes up on an angle but rather is a real elevator.IMG_4973 IMG_4987 Well at the moment I don’t really have time to write much more because we will catch a nightbus to La Serena soon which will be the beginning of a three months travel through South America! Therefore I am just gonna leave you with the names of the following place…

The pier in Viña del Mar:IMG_5003 Castillo Wulf between Valparaíso and Viña del Mar:IMG_5015 The suspended cars, the message of which apparently is to leave your car at home and take more public transportation:IMG_5023 The cemetery of Valpo:IMG_5087 IMG_5088 A few over the harbor of Valparaíso:IMG_5100


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