San Pedro – Tour to Tatio Geyser

Our second and at the same time last tour around San Pedro was up to the “Geyser del Tatio” to around about 4300 msnm and freezing temperatures of about -12 C. We had to leave our hostel at 4am in order to be at the geysers before sunrise because apparently that is the best time to see them because at colder outside temperatures the hot water will produce steam easier. But for us the most impressing time was the sunrise itself, when the first rays of sun started to shine through and onto the steam!

We had our breakfast after sunrise, in still negative temperatures but at least we had hot drinks and chocolate milk warmed in the boiling geyser water. There are also some thermal baths nearby in which we went for a swim later, but they don’t really deserve a recommendation because most of the water was kind of cold and only one little spot was super hot. 

On the way back to San Pedro we stopped in a little village called “Machuca” and it’s little traditional church on the mountainside. 

So because we already left at 4 in the morning we were back in San Pedro around 12am. We had some lunch there, rented mountainbikes again and left to the inca ruins of “Pucará de Quitor” in the north of the city which was built in the 12th century. The following picture shows the Plaza de Quitor:

But I couldn’t just stop there and go back, so after a little (well actually kinda a lot) convincing we cycled all the way to and up the “Quebrada del Diablo” (Devil’s Gorge). Up there we got rewarded with this amazing view:

At the top of the hill there is a little tunnel which you can cross to the other side and you get a similar view just without the Andes in the background and without a little bit of green in the valley.

That is pretty much the entrance to the Qubrada del Diabolo, which I took on the way back down.

At night we met up for dinner with three of my friend’s from the exchange in Valparaiso (Cate, Laura & Philipp) and on the way to the restaurant bumped into another one (Guille). In the night we also had to pack up everything and get ready for yet another early morning wake-up to cross over to Bolivia on a three day trip to Uyuni!


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