San Pedro – Tour to the Salar de Atacama & Los Lagunos Altiplanicos

We started at 6:30 am to go to the “Laguna de Chaxa” to be there more or less at sunrise, which meant it was still freezing cold but nice nevertheless. 

In and around Laguna de Chaxa three types on flamingos can be found, the “Flamenco Andino”, “Flamenco Chileno” and “Flamenco de James”. The featured picture of this post shows the “Flamenco Andino” flying and the picture below shows a “Flamenco de James”:

On the way to the Lagunas Altiplanicos we stopped in a little village called Socaire to visit the small and second oldest church of the region (after the one in Chui Chui). The inside of the roof of this church was very interesting because it was partly constructed from cactus-wood.

Around midday we arrived at the first of the two lagoons, called the “Laguna Miscanti” after the Cerro Miscanti in the background. 

A little bit further was the second lagoon, the “Laguna Miñiques”. Around both of these lagoones a wide range of wildlife can be observer, of which we saw Vicuñas and Tague Cornudas (a small black bird) at this time of the year.

At the end of the tour we visited another small village and it’s cactus-wood constructed church interiour. After which our guide revealed the “great surprise”, some ten minutes of llama-touching and llama-feeding, during which the two llamas nearly raided a nearby souvenir store… 


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