From San Pedro to Uyuni, Bolivia – Day 1

BOLIVIA – here we come. It was time to stop spending money in San Pedro de Atacama and leave Chile. We signed up for a three day jeep tour to Salar de Uyunui. So we left Chile on the 14th of July, the first part was by minibus to the border to Bolivia (a little house in the mountains, full of backpacker wanting to cross the border). There we switched to jeeps of six people and a driver.

The first stop was Laguna Blanca y Laguna Verde, both of which appeard white at the time because they were frozen over).

After the first stop our jeep needed a little bit of repairing to start again, but with 3-4 bolivian drivers around, the problem was quickly solved. A few more hours of driving and at times bolivian gangster music of our driver, Jimmy, and we arrived at the desert of Dali…

… and soon after at the baños thermales, a natural hot water bath with an amazing view (for some reason I was the only one from our two jeeps who went for a swim there).

Because we took our time at each of the sights we were already one hour behind by midday. Therefore, Jimmy tried to gain some time by driving faster. This backfired at a muddy part of the road where the car did a 180-spin which tore one of the front tires of the rim:

Shortly later the tire was changed (the rest of the trip went without problems) and we were back on track towards the Geiser Sol de Mañana:

(Here other than in Chile you could walk where ever you want and as close to the geysers as you fancy)

The final stop of the day for lunch (4pm), dinner (7pm) and the night (a very basic hostal with nothing more than beds, food and cold water) but a fun evening nevertheless was at the Laguna Colorada. This lagoon which is also home to some flamengos appears red because of red color pigments of algies which live in it.


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