From San Pedro to Uyuni, Bolivia – Day 2

The second day started with a pancake breakfast and luckily we still had some of the Maple sirup left over which Gab brought from Canada (and according the lady of the hostal breakfast isn’t a meal and that is why we couldn’t get plates to eat).

First stop: Árbol de Piedra and many other rock formations around it

Jimmy showed us these plants called Queña y Yareta, which are growing of the rocks there and are very dense. Those are burned and used as a heat source by the inhabitants of the region.

A couple of minutes later we stoped at a very interesting spot, where the mountainrange of the Andes (over my left hand) and the mountainranged of the Lípaz (over my right hand) meet.

We passed by four more lagoones, the most notable of which are the Laguna Honda and the Laguna Grande (especially the second one is inhabitated by thousands of flamingos).

Happy flamingo is dancing!

Me hunting for flamingo shots near the shoreline:

And then I finally got a shot that I like very much:

After everybody observed the flamingos for long enough and took enough pictures we moved on. At a river crossing higher up in the mountains we came across a group of Llamas.

Just before lunch we make a stop at another stone forest, where there are apparently hundreds of animal shapes hidden in the stones….

The atfernoon just consits of a straight 4h ride until we finally get close to the Salar de Uynuni and reach our salt hostel.

Our driver Jimmy goes to buy some drinks for us so that we can enjoy the local’s discount and don’t have to buy tourist prices, thanks!


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