From San Pedro to Uyuni, Bolivia – Day 3

The Big Day – we will finally reach the highlight of out three day tour – the Salar de Uynuni! Therefore we have to wake up the 5 in the morning, eat, pack the cars and leave around 6am to see the sunrise over the salar.

Gab is taking of towards the sky!

But definitly the best way to experience the size and the beauty of the Salar de Uyuni is the cactus filled Isla de Incahuasi or Pescado.

Quite impressing were also the “Ojos del Sal”, which are basically water-filled holes in the surface of the salar where the salt cristalises. And because there are also other minerals in the ground and the water there you can find perfect cubes of cristalised minerals (just stick your hand into one of the holes and you can pull some out).

Ans then of course it was time to take some of the famous Salar de Uyuni perspective pictures. So enjoy:

Last but not least we visited the “Cementerio de los trenes”. These are trains which used to transport minerals between Bolivia and Chile in the early 1900s and later around 1970 also had passenger wagon. But soon this became unrentable and the train were left to rot here.


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