Potosí, Bolivia

Potosí – the world’s highest city at 4090 of altitude – was once extremely rich because of a lot of silver that was found in it’s cerro Rico (the rich hill). Cerro Rico, also called the man eating mountain (more than 8 million! minors died there) is a very colofull mountain and stil has some working mines although it offers little valueable mineral these days.

Potosí has a very beautiful Colonial centre with many beatiful churches and buildings.

We decided to visit the Convento the San Fransisco, we just arrived late for the guided tour (which saved us a 2-3h tour through the whole convent). But they still allowed us to visit the highlight, their rooftop with an amazing view over the city (normally you can only go up with the guided tour).

Back on street-level we ran into the guys who can type down letters or fill out official forms for you:

A bit later we came across another church, “Iglesia de la Merced”, where a nice lady let us visit the rooftop once again (4 Bs each) and also explained us a lot about the different parts of the city and it’s buildings.

At the market we were offered some cow heads, but though very tempting we resisted and…

… bought some bread and later…

… some tasty mais juice and a type of fried empanada with a little bit of cheese inside instead.

At night we went to watch “The Devil’s Miner”, a moving film about the mines in Potosí and circumstances und which already kids (orphans or half-orphans) from as young as 10-14 years have to work there in order to make a living for their family.


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