Tupiza, Bolivia

We got to Tupiza in the early afternoon, it was very calm there and there never seems to be much happening in this town. However the surroundings are very beautiful: mountains and valleys of many different colors.

We found a hostal and then wondered around town and up to the mirrador (viewpoint):

We went to visit the street market and the main inside market of the town and many of the little shops that sell all kinds of foods and snacks (above).

For dinner we stumbled across a very nice BBQ place which was inexpenisve (3,50€ for a plate full of meat, some rice and potatoes) and had great tasting meat.

The next day we had some problems with the local banks (two ATMs didn’t work and one was closed) but eventually we got fresh cash and were able to do a 3h horseride into the countryside to the Puerta del Diabolo, Valle de los Machos and finally to the Cañon del Inca (second picture below).

The later afternoon we spent by walking around town and trying out all kinds of new “streetfood” (mainly little snacks and drinks for 0,10€ – 0,50€).

Just when we wanted to leave the hostel at night to get dinner we randomely ran into Jonas (a friend of mine from Valparaíso). He was stranded in Tupiza for the night because a road in the south was closed. We all went together for burgers and some beers in this crazy “Saloon”:


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