Samaipata & El Fuerte, Bolivia

So although we told ourselfs we wouldn’t takes a bus again that arrives at 5 in the morning, this is exactly what happend because there just wasn’t another option to go from Sucre to Samaipata. So we got there at 5am in the dark and it was freezing cold (everything was frozen over because it had been raining in the night). We found a cozy and dry spot in front of a some kind of shop and waited there half asleep until 7am, when the first hostals and cafes opened.


For the morning we went sleeping again in our hostal and exploring the calm village of Samaipata (a very relaxed and nice place where not much was happening that day).

At midday we left by taxi up the muddy road to the “El Fuerte de Samaipata”. It is located high up in the mountains and offers some great views over the surrounding mountains and landscape:

This view shows the main part of El Fuerte, which has all been carved out of on solid piece of rock on the very top of the mountain. According to expert opinions nowadays this has been used with religious purpose by the Incas and later as a base by the Spanish.

Here it the view onto the mountain where El Fuerte is located:

The evening we spent exploring the surroundings of Samaipata and in the few cafes and bars that were available. The morning we left again by bus to Vallegrande.


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