Sucre II, Bolivia

We went the the “Parque Cretácico” which was quite a letdown and not at all worth the 30 Bs (3,50€, but for 1,50€ you can already get a good, filling lunch). Everything that has actual relevence are the dinosaur steps (next picture on the right side) can already be seen from outside the park and the rest is just show and fake dinosaurs. On top of that you can’t even go close to the dinosaur steps because the wall with them is on the other side of what seems to the be a working quarry!

So as you can see some of us were still very excited about it, others rather uninterrested 😉

So back to the center of Sucre and right to the market (where we later bought on of those super sized Papaya) for lunch:

These are the typical “restaurants” which are located on the top floor of pretty much every market in all the towns in Bolivia. There you can eat a decent lunch for about 1,50€. The meals pretty much always consit of some type of meat and rice AND potatoes or pasta and most of the time peanut soup with pasta is also available.

Bolivians seem to love their jelly, sold pretty much everywhere and in all kinds of variaties:

After lunch we didn’t know exactly what else we should do in Sucre, but we made a good decicion and went to probably the best viewpoint in the city. It was the rooftop of a monastary and girls school, I don’t remember the name of it now but it was at the corner of Nicoláz Ortiz and Colón:

Afterwards we went back to the central market once again to get a fresh fruit salad, which are one of the best and cheapest foods in Bolivia. Then it was already time again to get ready and take yet another nightbus, this time to Samaipata.


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