Sucre & Mercado de Tarabuco, Bolivia

So we left Tupiza the night before at 21:30 and had a stop in Potosí (from 5-7am, where you were allowed to sleep in the bus during that time) to get to Sucre the next morning. Gab was sick that day (either from the bouncy and curvy busride or the food the evening before) so I spent the day just walking around and exploring the city. In the late afternoon she was more or less ok again and together we visited the “Casa de la Libertad”, where the Bolivian Declaration of Independance wassigned:

The next day, sunday, was market day. And close to Sucre there is a village called Tarabuco, which is famous for it’s sunday market. People from all the surrounding villages and from Sucre go there that day to buy and sell pretty much everything, also some parts of it are quite touristic. We took one of the “buses” (actually minivans that leave whenever they are full) to get there and back. So here are some impressions of Tarabuco on a sunday:

Back in Sucre (half a day is more than enough for the market) we spent the rest of a nice sunday visiting the city. The viewpoint of “La Recoleta”, where this city was founded: The “General Graveyard”, with it’s unique graves embeded in walls:

And finally we went to the “Simon Bolivar Park”, where a lot was going on that day, food stand (like the little pizza place below), jumping castles, tracktor driven rockets that kids can ride, quads that you could rent, horsebackriding and even a copy of the Eiffel Tower that one can climb up. So all in all a park full of fun time!!!

In the evening, for dinner, we met four friends from my Uni in Valparaíso again (Cate, Laura, Tiina & Phillip), who were going to stay in the same hostal as we.


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