Copacabana & Isla del Sol, Bolivia

The last stop for us in Bolivia was Copacabana and the Isla del Sol in the lake Titicaca. We arrived in Copacabana in the middle of the week of celebrations of Independence Day. The city was therefore literally overfilled with people and every slightly green spot was covered in tents:

We eventually found an overpriced hostal, where someone hadn’t shown up for a reservation and ended up with a three bed room. We joined the celebrations for a short while that night and had some white and foamy bolivian cocktails, probably made from mais…

The next morning we fought our way through the crowds and into the Basílica Virgen de Copacabana (the picture is taken from the Cerro Calvario):

The walk up the Cerro Calvario was anything but easy, because of the hundreds of people walking up the main path we had to take a cross-country approach to make it to the top before the end of the day.

The goal of the visitor who came from all over Bolivia as well as Peru was the figure of the virgen on the top (in the background of the next picture) and made her offerings for good luck and fortune.

The second step it seemed was to get plesed so that ones dreams would come true and make offerings to Pachamamá (Mother earth).

After finally getting back down from the hill we bought some food for our two day stay on the Isla del Sol and then left to the same around 2pm by boat. There were some great view over the Inca agriculture terraces and the mountainpeaks from the boat, we arrived about 2,5 hours later to the north part of the island.

After a quick walk and a 10bolivianos entrance fee we arrived at the Chincana ruins (which the Incas built on the north part of the island) shortly before sunset.

We found a camping spot close by on one of the terraces, it wasn’t very comfortable because of the rocky ground but had a great view.

The last sunrays shone over the mountains for our dinner, we watched an episode of Dexter and then had an early night in order to get and early start the next morning.

This was the way that lay ahead of us at 8 in the morning. But we got to the other end of the island faster and easier than expected.

After not even three hours we reached the southern end of the island and had our lunchbreak on a pier just below the ruins of Pilko Kaina:

Then it was time for a quick swim in the cold lake Titikaka the world’s largest high altitude lake at 3800 meters over sea level:

Pilko Kaina:

People on the island had told us that there was a boat back to the mainland at 1.30pm so we walked a bit back up north and then down the Escalera del Inca (picture below) to get to the southern harbour where we found out that there was only a boat at 3.30pm.

However the wait did not turn out as long as we thought. because of the proximity to Peru my phone had already adopted that time (1h before that of Bolivia). So the real time was 1 hour ahead of what we thought it was.

Back in Copacabana we took the bus at 6.30 and finally left Bolivia behind after that amazing stay of about one month.

Thanks Bolivia, we had a great time here. See you again sometime!!!