Cuzco, Peru

The free walking tour in Cuzco wasn’t the greatest we had. They cut the information about the city and it’s culture/sights a bit short and mainly focused on food/drinks and bar. I mean it was kind of interesting and that way we found a really good restaurant which offered great menus (entree, main plate, desert and a fresh juice) of really good food for 12-15 soles (3,20 – 4€h).

Here is they view onto the Plaza de Armas of Cuzco, which as apparently the only square world with two main churches on its sides.

After the end of the tour we went to see the Coricancha, which is an Inca Temple above which the Spanisch constructed Convento de Santa Domingo. On the picture below you can see that the base of that church is constructed of a massive wall of slightly different color, exacty which was part of the originaln Inca Temple.

The second floor housed a small selection of modern art and also this all Peruvian dog:

After dinner we went to our introduction meetting for the hike of the Inca Trail, which we would start the next morning at 6 o’clock. They gave us some general tips on what to bring and the iternary for the next four days.

Then we went to an awesome event next the market of Cuzco. We had been there during the afternoon and I had talked with a guy who was building some strange looking bamboo structures. He had told me that those were full of fireworks and that he would light them up at 8 that night (to celebrate the Virgen Asunta).

So of course we had to come back that same night and this (below) was the result.

It was kind of crazy, these bamboo towers had some moving parts which were spinning, propelled by firework rockets and sparks were just flying everywhere. It was just amazing to watch and a lot more interesting than you’r average fireworks show.

Howevere from time to time so fireworks or parts of these structure flew off into the crowd…


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