Inca Trail Final: Machu Picchu, Peru

The final day of the Inca Trail has come – we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to break up camp, have breakfast and then start walking at 4am. This meant we walked the first hour or so in total darkness with our headlamps, and just when you reached the first ruins (Intipata, after about 8km) daylight started to light up for us.

5km later we arrived at the sungate; the famous end of the Inca Trail from where you can sometimes see the Machu Picchu (= meaning in Quechua; “small mountain”). We had a longer break there but all we could see at that time were the clouds of the cloud forest.

On the way down (the sungate is located a lot higher than the sight itself) we got our first mysterious views onto the biggest, last ruins of our 4-day hike, the Machu Picchu and the Wayna Picchu (= “big mountain”) in the background:

Our guide from the trail also showed us around the Machu Picchu and explained the most important/interesting part, for example this locking system of the Inca. Horizontal and vertical logs were strapped in on the top and left and right, but only works to keep someone out when you are inside. The Inca didn’t know locks yet.

View towards the main religious part of the complex, containing the Temple of the Sun and the Tomb of the King.

Even ruins as old as the MachuPicchu have to be taken care of; people removing small plants which harm the walls. In the days of the Incas, the walls were covert with orange mud/paint to prevent this kind of damage.

Gab is all overwelmeld by the view and couldn’t take her eyes of it for hours 😉


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