Lunahuana and an introduction to Lima, Peru

From Huacachina we decided to go to Lunahuana, which is again a bit away from the ocean and into the country. However it took a lot longer than expected to get there so we only arrived in the afternoon. Also we were not too lucky with the weather which made everything just look grey and not interesting.

After we ate lunch and found a hostal there was only time to visit a nearby hanging bridge. There we found some little stands where we bought some amazingly tasty honey.

Next to the main square in Lunahuana is some kind of market with little stands where the nearby Pisco distilleries present and sell their products. This gave us a great opportunity to try some variarions of the traditional Pisco Sour!

The next morning the weather was more promessing and made the whole valley look a lot more friendly. We had breakfast with our new great honey, went up to a viewpoint, collected some fruits from the nearby trees and then left soon to Lima.

Lima was quite a shock for us because the part of town where we arrived (a bit south of the center) was just incredibly ugly, overcrowded and we didn’t enjoy it at all. Therefore we bought a ticket again right away to leave the city with a nightbus the same day towards Chiclayo in the north of Peru. 

Nevertheless we had half a day to spare in Lima and decided to visit the center, which turned out to be quite nice and a big contrast to the neigbourhood that we had seen before.

The Presidential Palace at Plaza de Armas:

Of course in Lima they also had the typical “Mototaxis”, which exsist nearly everywhere in Peru:

Lima’s Plaza de Armás at nighttime:


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