Chiclayo’s pyramid country, Peru

Chiclayo turned out to not be the nicest city in Peru but we came mainly to see the pyramids built by the Moche, Sícan and Chimú cultures. They used only Adobe bricks (dried soil bricks) to built those pyramids,  therefore over thousands of years errosion reshaped their pyramids and now makes them look kind of like natural hills.

There is a nice museum (Museo Tumbes Reales de Sipán) in Lambayeque, which showcases the finding from the royal Moche tumb of the Lord of Sipán and others. It has some impressing and well preserved findings from three Moche tombs (a lot of pottery, gold, silver and bronze jewlery, weapons and of course bones and so forth. Unfortunatly we had to hand in our camera before we were allowed to enter…

A second combi (public transport by minivan) brought us to Túcume, the valley of the pyramids.

More than 12 pyramids, some better preserved than others, can be seen here. And some of them are still being excavated.

The condors were also there, circeling us and hopeing we would drop dead and could be eaten. But we didn’t do them the favour.

Back in Chiclayo we passed by the market to buy some food for breakfast of the next day. The market there was chaotic even for South American standards but we got to try some nice, new streetfood again.

For our second day in the area we drove out to Sipán (where the Moche tombs were found). The resently (2007) opened another tomb of a Moche priest and therefore opened a new museum next to the pyramid where the tombs were found.

This is a reproduction of the tomb of the Lord of Sipán. It was just incredible to see the sheer number of arteffects that were given to him into the tomb and how well preserved all the arteffects were.

Then we met these two little guys who were just staring at us before flying away:

Later that day we left to Trujilo and right away took a bus to Huanchaco to find a hostal in this little beach village rather than in the city of Trujillo.


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