Huacachina, Peru

We arrived at Huacachina around lunchtime which gave us enough time to play in the sanddunes in the early afternoon 🙂

There is really nothing much to do in this little oasis, which is totally surrounded by sanddunes, appart from sand related activities like sandboarding, riding a buggy etc….

… And that’s exactly what we did in the later afternoon, we went on a buggy ride into the sand dunes where we could also do some sandboarding.

The sheer amount of sanddunes in this area is just crazy. When you stand on top of one of those they seem to be never ending in one directn and in the other it looks like this:

Our buggy driver and his buggy:

We drove around with the buggy for a while, jumped over some dunes, drove up and down in a rollercoaster-like manner and then it was time to do some actual sandboarding. This sometime went very well;

And other times not so well at all:

We stayed up on the dunes for the sunset which was amazing to see from up there and then headed back down into the oasis of Huacachina. We had a very nice hostal there with little balcony and view over the lake, so we trank two bottles of crazy sweet wine (some Peruvian speciality) and made plans for our next travels 🙂


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