In and around Trujillo, Peru

Our first visit of the day was Chan Chan, onces the biggest pre-Columbian city in the Americas and with about 10.000 structures the largest adobe city in the world. It has been constructed as the capital of the Chimú empire.

Nowadays large parts of the centre of Chan Chan have been reconstructed and can be visited. The reconstructed walls give you a nice impression about how it onces could have been but lack in authenticy.

For the afternoon we decided to visit Trujillo, which is a lot more beautiful than Chiclayo. The city centre has some very nicely restored colonial buildings.

We went to hang out on the nice Plaza the Armas for a while and visited it’s 18th-century cathedral before heading to the market and buying some food to cook dinner at the hostal.

The beach of Huanchaco; however the weather wasn’t really inviting to spent a day at the beach.

Last wednesday we then visited the most amazing of all the Huacas (pyramids) that we have seen; la Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon).

The Moche used to bury their old temples under new ones, which helped the preservation of existing wall paintings and sculptures. In the picture above different levels of the temple show these different levels of construction.

On the left pictures below we can the Moche’s god, a creature with combines the features of different animal in order to create a bridge between the animal of the air, earth and the water.

This temple is 700 years older than Chan Chan and was abandonded when the Moche culture started to disappear and people moved to Chan Chan. The religious Moche leader lost their trust because made more and more human offerings to please their gods but natural disasters did not stop from happening.


The afternoon we spent in Trujillo again but because their was nothing more to visit we just went to the movies and then to bar before taking a nightbus to Huaraz. We saw a horror movie called “El Conjuro” and Gab just loved it 😉


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