From the West coast to the East coast in 4 days

On the 2nd of September, the day after Gab left back to Canada, I had to start my trip over to the east coast to Rio de Janeiro in order to meet Matthias (a friend from my university in Munich) there on the 6th. This meant taking a series of buses, cars and planes because flying only within Brasil was about a quater of the price of flying directly from Lima to Rio de Janeiro.

So I started of with two nightbuses. The first brought me in 22 houres from Lima to Cusco. There I had lunch in our favourite Israelian restaurant and visited the Inca museum which we didn’t have time to see when we were there for the first time. It showcased information about majour Inca ruins (like this model of MachuPicchu below) of the area and about many Pre-Inca cultures in Peru.

The next nightbus took me from there into the Amazonian rainforest Puerto Maldonado. This time the ride took only 10 hours.

But directly after I arrived in Puerto Maldonado I took the next motorbike-taxi to bring to the stop of a little van which then brought me all the way to and across the Brasilian border to the village of Assis (4h).

From Assis I had to take a shared taxi to Brasilie (2h) and then another one Rio Branco (2,5h) from where I had a flight to Rio de Janeiro the next day.

That night there wasn’t much left to do apart from a little walk to the center of Rio Branco and dinner (I was kind of lost because all my Spanish and English was kind of useless here, so instead of the Hamburger I thought I order I got spaghetti, beans and chicken…).

On the 5th in the morning I had a little bit to time to visit the exibiton about local tribes in the Governor’s palace on the central square. Then I swopped my little tent, which I wouldn’t need anymore for the rest of the trip, in the street for a hamock and headed to the airport by bus.

From Rio Branco my first flight took me to Brasilia (3,5h). There I walked out of one plane and directly into the next on to Rio de Janeiro (2h). We landed at around 10pm and by 12pm I was in our hostal, ready to meet Matze the next day.

So to conclude the journey from one coast of South America to the other took me about 4 days and some 48 hours of actual travelling by bus, car, motorbike and plane.


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