Our last stop together; Lima, Peru

We spent another two days in the city that we had already given up on, but this time it presented itself to us in a totally different fashion. We did not set out to visit the city as such but rather spent our time like it’s habitants; enjoying good food and drinks and just hanging out in Lima. Except for one exception, we went to visit the Convento de San Francisco:

This convent is most famous for it’s undergrounf catacombs, which contain bones of an estimated 70.000 people. All these bones were found and arranged along the narrow hallways and some holes after the catacombs were foung in 1943:

After shopping for more scarfs etc. for Gab (apparently the winter back home in Canada is very cold) it was time to go see the highlight of the day, the park of the fountains. This is a multi-million dollar installation of fountains, light effects and music near the center of Lima. 

It even featured a water/light-tunnel:

The highlight of the fountain park was the showed all kinds of dances especially from South America projected onto the fountain and acompanied by the right kind of mucis. 

Our last night together in South America we spent with a good dinner and then went out until sunrise in a part of Lima called Miraflores. Well actually all the bars had to close at 3am so after that we moved to the hostal living room with some people we had met in a bar.

The next day started with lunch, which of course had to be a Ceviche for Gab. It was very good but still could not beat the one we had eaten in Arequipa some weeks before. 

The rest of the afternoon we just spent walking along the coastline of Lima and enjoying the time together…. And of course shopping again:

Byebye Gab, I will miss you on my further travel in South America! 


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