Ilha Grande, Brasil

From Rio de Janeiro we arrived at Mangaratiba in the late afternoon and wanted to take the afternoon feerry over to Ilha Grande. But at the ferry terminal we found out that this ferry in the afternoon is only available on fridays so we were stuck in this village where we tought nothing was happening. 

However we were surprised big time when we found out that the great and famous “Belo” is giving a free concert that night, right infront of our Hotel. Well to be honest we had never heard of this guy but the show and especially the fireworks were fun to watch from our rooftop. 

The next morning the 8 o’clock ferry took us over to Vila do Abrão on Ilha Grande (the main settlement of the island). From there we hiked across one of the island’s hills to the beach of las Palmas:

We followed this beach and crossed another small hill until we reached the beach of Pouso. From there we hiked up and down the last hill to cross over to our destination, one of the nicest beaches of Brasil, the beach of Lopes Mendez:

All together the way to get there took us about 2 hours. We spent the day there with perfect weather and kind of warm and super clear water. In the early afternoon, just when we were about to leave we met this little guy:

We got back to Abrão just in time to buy a little snack for the ride back over to the mainland before boarding the ferry. 

Back in Mangaratiba we had to wait what felt like ages for the next bus to Jacarei where we again had to wait ages to get the next bus to Angra dos Reis. The actual goal was Paraty for the night but because it was already so late by the time we got to Angras we got stuck there for the night. The option to sleep there were very few and the town seemed dead in the middle of the night. So we got stuck in a run down hotel that also offered rooms by the hour…


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