Iguazu Falls, Brasil and Argentina

From Florianopolis we arrived with the nightbus early in the morning to Foz de Iguaçu. There we stached our backpacks at the bus terminal and took the first bus to the National Parc of the Iguaçu falls. We got there before the parc even opened but nevertheless there was a lineup for the tickets. After a short bus ride we and many other tourists arrived at the first viewpoint, from where the falls over on the Argentinia side can be seen:

From there we continued alongside the river with many views of these amazing falls until we reached the main falls on the Brasilian side:

Down there on this bridge it was “just a tiny bit” wet, of course mainly because of the waterfalls but also because it kept raining every now and then.

We spent a bit more time around the falls (going up the viewtower and to the top of the falls, etc) but in general there wasn’t much more to see on this side (we decided not to do any of the tours offered in the park, first of all the weather wasn’t any good and second we were told that taking a river boat etc. would be cheaper on the Argentinian side).

For the afternon we went to the bird park which is just in front of the entrance to the National Park. There are some very nice birds there but some like the massive condor seemed to be misserable in their small cages… Also the Parrots went crazy in their cage (where you could enter), they would never stop screaming and fly just centimeters or less above peopl’s head, honestly!

In the evening we crossed the border to Argentina. We didn’t do the Brasilian exit formalities (which you don’t need if you leave only for a day), big mistake! The initial plan was to go back to Brasil and from there to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay but we were told later that Cuidad del Este was way to dangerous to even spent a night there (everything shuts down in the early afternoon to prevent crimes). Therefore we scrapped this plan and decided to stay in Argentina and enter Paraguay further south. Nevertheless we had to go back to properly exit Brasil, because at that time we official were in two countries at the same time.

Anyways we visited the Argentinian side of the Fall from Puerto Iguazu, where we had spent the night before. For me this side was even more incredible than the Brasilian side (although it was raining nearly all day). But just look at this amazing view, it has got to be even more mindblowing in sunshine:

This then is on top of the long line of waterfalls from the picture before:

There is also a little train which takes you from the entrance to the other end of the park from where a long bridge leads to the Devil’s Gorge. However we considered walking but because of the rain we went for the train.

At the end of this long bridge across the river we were rewarded with a view right into the Devil’s Gorge:

So sure enough it started raining again soon enough. Then at the end of the day we were very soaked but full of many awesome waterfall experiences:


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