Sao Paulo, Brasil

We arrived to Sao Paulo in the very early morning and first of all had to find a hostal. We must have looked at bit lost when we got out of the metro and somebody asked to help us with the directions, so we quickly found a hostal (recommendation from the Lonely Planet). After breakfast and a shower there we set out to join the free walking tour of the center of Sao Paulo at 11am.

There are many high-rises in Sao Paulo, most of them from the 60’s. South America’s tallest building and it’s biggest (highest amount of flats and people living there) are also situated there.

This is the “centerstone” of Sao Paulo, the official center of the city. All it’s six sides màrk the directions to other important places of Brasil:

The Rock & Roll building is a shopping center which got it’s name from a time when music shops still ruled the music business and people bought some kind of disks with music on them. The first music store there ran so well that it soone attracted more and also all kinds of intrument stores and so on, hence the name Rock & Roll building. Nowday the name does not convey the full truth as other kinds of stores also found their way back into the building.

Right after the walking tour we went to the top of the Italia building to get an idea of South America’s biggest city (more than 22 million people live in the metropolitan area) from one of it’s highest skyscrapers. From there we had the view right onto the “Wave building” (the biggest single building with apartments in Brasil:

However the view into the distance was all blocked by the smog, so we couldn’t see the end of Sao Paulo.  We could just kind of see the city fade out into the gray.

The night we spent around Paulist Avenue (the new centre of Sao Paulo), where we also find this awesome stree band. Guitarist is playing with his mouth at this moment:

One of the oddyties of Sao Paulo, a four story building on top of a skyscraper. Apparently the Italian owner wanted to built a 30-storey building but was only allowed 26. So smart as he was he built a building of 26 stories and one of 4 on top of it. And for whatever reason this was allowed…

The next major stop of the day was the central market, a nice market hall close to the main shopping street for fake and all kinds of cheap goods. But the variety of different foods at theis market was very impressive.

Especially for the cheese, I have never so much and so many different kinds of cheese in one spot in South America before:

Our last meal in the city of course had to be the famous Mortadela sandwich of Sao Paulo. Soon after that we were off to the bus station and soon after in the night bus Florianopolis.


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