Lagoinha do Leste, Brasil

So here is a post that somehow got forgotten in drafts folder:

After Sao Paulo and before the Iguazu falls we went to Florianopolis and especially to the south of the island. We arrived in the early morning by nightbus and found a hostal in the southernmost village called Pântano do Sul. From there we started our hike through the thick forest of the Parque Municipal do Lagoinha do Leste.

And this was what we were going for, the beach of Lagohina do Leste (a very deserted piece of beach at this time of the year; I think we only saw 8 more people there that day):

But the best thing about Lagoinha do Leste, and what we actually came for, is not it’s beach but rather the the rock formations sticking out of the nearby hill:

At the end of an already great day we were also rewarded with a nice sunset over the mountains of the island.

The next day was a kind of a travel day, we only went for a swim in the ocean and then visited the city of Florianopolis. There is really not much more to see than for 2 hours or so. In the afternoon then we got into a bus for the long ride over to Foz de Iguaçu, where we arrived the next morning.


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