Montevideo & Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay

From our “very successful” trip to Nuevo Berlin we arrived in Montevideo in the last afternoon and were up for a surprise when we were looking for a hostal – all of them were full! We had no idea that Montevideo was that popular because I had hear from few people that it was kind of ugly. Finally we had found one with a spare room and an unbelievable deal which turned out too good to be true, weirdly they had told us the price in US$. So we left again. The next place we passed by turned out cheap and good so we stayed.

We headed out to get dinner and while we were at it we did a little nightwalk through the city. Here for example Plaza Independencia with it’s Palacio Salvo from 1928:

In the morning after Montevideo was covert in thick fogg and our plan to go up to the Torre Antel was obsolete. There we went down to the waterfront for breakfast.

The fog, the first sunshine and the empty streets in the early morning really turned Montevideo in a mysterious ghosttown (here Plaza De La Constitucion).

After Montevideo we traveled a bit further east along the coast (more about that in my next post) and then moved all the way back eastwards to Colonia del Sacramento; here second tile from the left top where the arrow is:

The weather wasn’t great for a city visit but created some interesting scenery. This here is taken over the river La Plata, somewhere to the left it will mix up with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Colonia del Sacramento is mainly famous for it’s tiny old city center with it’s Colonial style buildings and it’s traditional cubblestone buildings. However after a maximum of two hours we had nearly walked ever street there and started to get bored and went to watch the last minutes of a boys soccer game. The local guys won and did a little parade along the main road on the back of a truck.

A detail I really like about the centre were the matching old cars on a few corners. Some even had some tables and seats put in them and were part of a restaurant. An other one had a bit tree growing out of its sunroof.

After a traditional BBQ meal for dinner we had to rush to the ferry over to Buenos Aires.


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