Piriápolis, Uruguay

When we arrived to Piriápolis in the evening the town seemed desterted. Nearly all the hostals and hotels that we passed we closed (it was totally dead tourist wise) and the few ones that were open were either too expensive or full. We walked around for quite a while, helped a guy push start his car and knocked at a lot of doors. And finally we were refered to the right place, a little hotel with nice rooms, a decent price and even breakfast.

In the morning we walked up the nearby Cerro Pan de Azúcar (picture above is the view from the top towards Punta Del Este). On top there was a massive hollow cross inside which we could walk up to the top:

The Cerro Pan de Azúcar with it’s 389 meters is the third highest point in Uruguay. And with the additional 32 meters of the cross we might even have reached the second highest point.

At the base of the hill is also a free animal park with free entrance, so we spent some time to observe the “wildlife” there:

Just close by the Pan de Azúcar there is the Catillo de Piria. The house or castle of the founder of Piriápolis, Francisco Piria. Unfortunately the inside was under comstruction at the time, so we could only have a look around the outside.

Matze however also helped out to keep the garden in order:

After a late lunch back in Piriápolis we left to Montevideo in the afternoon.


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