Córdoba, Argentina

A hostel was quickly found in Córdoba, although the first one threw us out again because he had forgotten about a reservation.

In the city itself there isn’t too much to see but it has some nice spots which are worth a visit and for us filled half a day. On the way to the Plaza San Martin (main plaza) we visited a nice colonial house; it was a wednesday and on wednesdays all museums of the area are free! Also at the main plaza is the Catedral de Córdoba:

What I thought was interesting and worth the time is a small muesum about the era of the dictatorship in Argentina. It is located in a small ex-police station which is also where political prisoners were held and tortured at the time:

Lucky for us universities are nearly always open to the public, especially if you look like you could be or in fact are a student even though at a different university. So we went into the Universidad de Córdoba, looked into some classes there (all the rooms had glass doors and/or walls) and then searched for the highest rooftop we could access. This wasn’t really high enough to have a great view but here you go:

Over lunch we decided that we had seen enough of the city of Córdoba and wanted to leave for an afternoon trip to Alta Gracia (more about that in my next post). On the way to the bus station we stopped at the Iglesia de los Capuchinos, which is supposed to be really nice on the inside but unfortunatly it was closed at the time…


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